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But where did  I go you ask? No where. Absolutely no where my friends. I have been getting super busy at work which has caused a wee bit of stress, so I decided to take some time to unplug. But alas, I missed blogging (yeah yeah it was only a few days) but I still missed it.

So what was I doing in the meantime…

….building a new coffee table. Well actually Bill was building a table, I just helped/stained. Plans were found here.

training for a 10km race next weekend. Next weekend??? Yikes when did that happen

Wednesday – Ran to work. 6km each way
Friday – Speed work. 3 x 1 mile with 3 min rest
Sunday – 11 km light run

….making some summer yummy healthy comfort food, which also show how weird I am that I think spinach can be comfort food.

…..and buying a personal house cleaner. His name is Roomba. Best. Purchase. Ever.

I hope you have had a great few days as well!