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I sure could get used to three day weekends. No problem-o. We had Family Day here which is basically a day off with the intention of spending the time with your family. And that’s just what I did this weekend.

Saturday – I spent the day with my hockey-girls “family” playing 3-on-3 hockey

Sunday – We made dinner for the in-laws. mmmm homemade pizza.

Monday – We went for a walk with my sister and her bf (you can kind of see the mountains off in the distance)

and then I spent Family Day with “Angie” aka CrossFit Angie. She wore me out.


Since I didn’t get to see my family this weekend (they were out of town), I’m planning on spending next weekend with them. We’ll likely go cross-country skiing because that’s just what my family does.  Plus it’s my dad’s bday next weekend. He asked for no gifts but I ignored that.

How was your long weekend? or if you didn’t have a holiday, how was your weekend?


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